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November 24, 2012
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(I recommend playing "Across the Universe" by The Beatles)

Fill out a form outlining what you did in a playthrough of Mass Effect and it will create a tailored epilogue that is coherent and in-line with the established canon.

This will be updated in accordance with feedback and additional DLC.

ANSWER KEY: 11/24/2013 is the first birthday of this Flash. Woohoo! In light of such, I'm finally releasing the answer key to show how to get all the secret responses!
If you're using this Flash for the first time, don't look at the answer key just yet, it's way more fun to be surprised the first time around.
Answer key linked here:

UPDATE: Omega (12/01/2012)
Finally finished updating this for Omega. I also took a good amount of user criticism into account. Here's what's been changed:
-Omega DLC has been incorporated, but the only thing it really affects is making the Cerberus blurb on Earth's slide go down a level. (i.e. Cerberus is less powerful after war)
-Fixed bug where Garrus was given an epilogue even if he died. I also gave an addition to his romance ending if Pinnacle Station DLC was complete.
-For fans of Wrex, there's an extra bit if you did right by him throughout the series.
-The biggest thing I added was ME2 romance epilogues. I originally didn't focus too much on ME2 squadmates since they all got a spotlight in Extended Cut, but there were some who romanced Miranda or Jack who were disappointed that they didn't get any payoff. To alleviate this, Miranda, Jack, and even Thane have their own epilogues if romanced.
-Edited the Rannoch page so the state of quarian immunity is explained.
-Few other minor edits and revisions.

Bug Fix: (12/13/12)
-Fixed a bug that gave epilogues to everyone even if the galaxy had been destroyed.

Citadel Update: I really am trying to work on thee update for The Citadel DLC, but I've been swamped with other obligations. It'll be awhile before I can submit it, but I have not forgotten it. Thanks for the patience and support, all. :)

Passing the 10,000 views mark was a very nice birthday present. :)

UPDATE: Citadel (5/26/2013)
I have finally, *finally* complete the Citadel update. I really wanted to release this sooner, but I just could not find the time to work on it. Here are the new additions:
-The Normandy now has an epilogue! Your ship can actually be destroyed or emerge victorious from the Battle for Earth.
-The asari now have an epilogue! This was actually something that I meant to include in the original version, but it fell to the wayside a bit.
-Incorporated Citadel DLC. As awesome as Citadel was, the only thing I could really think to include for it is a slight bonus to Normandy's survivability. If you haven't played Citadel, get it. It's well worth the price.
-Reckoning DLC gets a very brief mention in the "Eradicate Reaper Code" end.
-I converted the last slide into an experimental idea I had that's called Legacy. It has a summary of everything that occurred in your ending which can be screencapped and put on your gallery for all to see. Not sure how much that will actually be used, but if you do decide to put it in your gallery, be sure to let me know. I love seeing the results that others get on this. :)
-Altered Leviathan settings. If you take control of the Reapers, the Leviathans are now automatically defeated.
-Fixed a bunch of typos.
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Really great, creative and enjoyable interactive ending(s) devised here.


I believe the Dragon Age: Origins game might have been a partial inspiration for this.


It's been about 2 years now, and I still hold no grudge against Bioware for the state of the ending and even the flaws in the overall games. I find it a testament to how damn good Bioware are, that they managed to make Mass Effect 3 as good as it IS, despite all the restrictions, deadlines and bullshit heaped on them by Electronic Arts.


I've been playing around with this a little, pretty fun thing you put together.


I've got to say I didn't quite understand why people hated the ending as much as they did at first (it only started to bother me after awhile), funny thing is the game nailed it right up until that last half hour. The atmosphere and sense of impending doom. The struggle against the reapers, it was a fantastic game. Maybe that's why the ending felt so off by comparison.

This is amazing. Thank you.
I had fun trying to come up with the shittiest ending ever. I ended up with Shep being carried away by a Harvester to be processed.
ChristyHemmeFanBoy Dec 27, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It is interesting that if you chose Shepard to join New Cerberus, a few epilogue slides treat this as if Shepard had died. I guess the galaxy just practically stated "You're dead to us, Shepard!"
ChristyHemmeFanBoy Dec 26, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I've got another suggestion for this interactive flash: Make an individual epilogue slide for Commander Shepard himself/herself explaining what happens to him/her after the Reaper War (if he/she survived) that also covers what happens after when he/she either decided to settle down, head back to service or join New Cerberus.

The reason why I suggested this is because I'm a bit disappointed that we get explanations on what happens to Shepard only if he/she romanced somebody.

ChristyHemmeFanBoy Dec 21, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Is there a reason why I can't type in either Military Strength or the Citadel Defense Force box?
The numeric stepper doesn't allow text input. It still works better than a text box since most people (myself included) can't be bothered to remember their exact EMS and the stepper shows through usage that it only matters to a certain degree.
ChristyHemmeFanBoy Dec 22, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Makes sense. Even I can't be bothered to remember the exact EMS myself.

ShalaRaan Dec 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, this is absolutely awesome. :love:
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